Root Chakra Release Ball ©

The Root Chakra Release Ball © is the natural way to release blocked root chakra energy, tight, sore and stiff pelvic floor muscles, fascia, nerves and tendons. Works great for both men, women and every gender in between.
  • Spiritual Root Chakra Release Past Trauma & Stuck Energy
  • Natural Remedy for Pelvic and Low Back Pain 
  • Simple to Use by Anybody - Men, Women and any Other Gender
  • Small Convenient Size to Take Anywhere
  • Fast & Simple - Use Only 3.5 Minutes per Day! 

    Directions: Sit on ball with legs crossed in front. Find perineum release spot. Breathe and relax into the ball for 3.5 minutes. Do this once per day for best results. Comes with ball, pump and PDF instructions here.

    You can also purchase the Root Chakra Release Ball right here directly through us. Alternatively, purchase the ball on and on