What the Heck is SEO?!

What the heck is SEO?! How to rank higher on Google Organically

SEO is search engine optimization.

Why is it important?

It's so search engines like Google can easily find your business online organically without expensive paid advertising.

Here are the top 5 SEO tips of where to start:

  1. Responsive Web Design: Your website needs to be able to fit on every screen - computers, tablets and phones. If it fits nicely on a computer but not on a phone roughly 50% of your website traffic will exit out of your site early because of unresponsive design. 
  2. Text Formatting: Having the correctly formatted code on the back end of your website is key so search engines can differentiate between in titles and content.
  3. Internal Links: Internal links and back linking are easy to set up initiatives that go a long way for adding credibility to your website to increase your ranking organically.
  4. Quality Content: Take original (ideally professional) photos, videos, write blogs, create vlogs, how tos, e-books, virtual tour, and be unique with your content! Having original, useful and high quality content is exactly what Google is looking for - they always prefer high quality information over anything else, because ultimately that's what Google searchers are looking for.
  5. Page Titles and Descriptions: The more (quality) content you can add the better! Name all photos, pages, and videos uploaded to your website with thorough descriptions to show you're the expert. Creating simple things about auto body may seem silly to you but it's highly valuable information to people who have no clue about the topic. 

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