Intro to Affiliate Marketing


Welcome to the intro of Affiliate Marketing.

So…. What is Affiliate Marketing?


It’s the act of promoting / referring a product (or service) and earning a commission from converted sales.

There are a few names for Affiliate Marketing such as Associates, Partners and can even be similar to social influencers.

How it works: you sign up for an affiliate program such as:

Ebates is awesome!!! They have mastered Affiliate Marketing and pass those benefits onto you. (Bonus: I earn money on my dropshipping products with this site*** future video to come)


Just Google "Affiliate Marketing" and millions of websites will show up. It is very common in the tech world. But, it's not as common for traditional businesses. This is a wide open market! I'm currently working with clients on their own affiliate programs. It's an exciting process! Updates to come...


Typically, your affiliate account can be active within the same day so you can start building your affiliate links. It sounds more complicated than it is - it’s quite simple!

Commission Potential: 

Physical products: For Amazon, it's between 1% to 10% but averages around 4% as do most physical products but on other websites it can be slightly higher.

Intangible products: For Amazon/ Kindle, it's between 30-75% and depends greatly on the type and price of the purchase. On Clickbank, which focuses primarily on intangible products you can search through items by commission rates and many of them are between 60-75%.


How To Affiliate Marketing...

Once signed up to your desired affiliate program(s). Find the product(s) / service(s) you’d like to promote and click generate code. Most websites will provide regular URL links and full code links that you can embed into your website. Either will work fine but choose something you’ll like to see on your website and/or blog.


Products to choose for affiliate products and services are anything that is within and related to your current business, interests, ideas or are popular high selling items. 


On your website, Social Media Accounts, and Blogs, you could have your affiliate marketing section listed as “Resources” (like I have on my website) or “Products We Recommend on Amazon”. Get creative for promoting your affiliate links- Pinterest is an excellent way to promote products inside of a lifestyle / workplace style context and with How-to graphics. Which is perfect for experts in your field, like you!


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