Intro to Email Marketing

Email Marketing strategy campaigns to increase conversions for more profit

Email Marketing is a powerful way of engaging with your audience (the people who already trust you enough to email them).

Step 1: Create an Epic Headline

Typically, people open emails because of a deal, they think they may miss out on something, a benefit, and high quality content. The title needs to encapsulate that purpose.

I love automating my business to reduce time and increase efficiency. But also, as a busy mom and entrepreneur I can't spend all my time on a title. Often times, I use this free Campaign and Blog title generator from Active Campaign.

Step 2: Continue the Intrigue in your Preview Text

This can be a real preview of the email or craft it depending on the key information you want to showcase.

Step 3: Formatting is Crucial

Make it easy for people to read and "scannable":

  • Jot form is an excellent way to get your important information read

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and sweet

  • Follow a logical format with one idea per paragraph

Step 4: Nobody likes Spam

Avoid using all capitals, overusing words or phrases, and overselling. Put useful tips and information first and an offer or call to action second.

Step 5: Make it Memorable

Add in pictures and videos to make it more compelling and memorable. I use Canva for the majority of my designs (if I'm not taking the photo or video myself). I also really like using Unsplash for professional and beautiful stock photos.

Step 6: Know Your Audience

Make sure you're speaking to your relevant audience in language they will understand. If it's too technical or wordy people may not read it all or even open it. Tailor the content to your audience's needs, wants and weaknesses.

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