Youtube Tips

Youtube has opened so many doors for people, created new businesses along the way and made others evolve. I came across this story recently of a farmer in the US makes 5 times more on Youtube than he does actually farming. 

Pretty unbelievable! It's no surprise he has such a successful YouTube channel because of his consistency, high quality information, editing style, and personality - along with a lot of cool farming equipment. 

Here are the top Youtube Tips:
  • Make sure your phone or camera lens is clean before filming
  • If you're using your cell phone, make sure it's turned on it's side so the screen is horizontally long
  • Speak loud and clear and enunciate your words. Ideally, use a lapel microphone like this one for the best sound quality.
  • Youtube has editing software built in but sometimes it won't work as well as promised (they're still working out the bugs). Many phones come with editing software or can download editing apps. I use Filmora Wondershare - it's really simple to use and not too pricey.
  • If you can, try to shoot multiple videos in one day. This way you can schedule them out (IE: one per week or one per month) so you'll have consistent content for months.
  • Interact with people who comment on your videos. 
  • Share your videos on social media, to your email list and with family and friends
  • Smile and enjoy the process, even if you fumble or stutter just keep going - be human not a robot.
  • Provide quality information about something you're passionate about and sometimes not having it rehearsed is best. 
  • Make sure where your filming is well lit - light is what makes the picture.
  • Don't worry about perfecting each detail of your first video. You will only get better by trial and error. So get filming!


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